Dental implants are titanium posts that are surgically positioned into the jaw bone to replace a missing tooth or teeth.  Your first appointment consists of a consultation with the dentist, an x-ray which can help the dentist to assess if you are a candidate for dental implants.  Once the dentist has determined you are a candidate you can then book your implant procedure.  The procedure is performed with local anesthetic allowing you to function as normal once completed.  Once the implant is placed it is left to heal for approximately 3 months.  After 3 months an x-ray is taken to ensure the implant has integrated within the bone.  If everything appears healthy radiographically a post is placed, and impressions are taken for a permanent crown.  Impressions are then sent to the lab to fabricate the crown.  A crown is made using metal and or porcelain to replicate the shape and colour of your natural tooth.  Approximately two weeks later the crown is then cemented to the implant and your procedure is complete.

Implants are also used to attach to partial or complete dentures.  The implant(s) will either help to stabilize the denture or affix the denture to the jaw permanently.

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