Tooth whitening is commonly a peroxide-based bleaching solution which can remove both deep and surface stains.  Bleaching will alter the colour of the tooth itself making it brighter.  Not all tooth discolouration responds to tooth whitening.  Teeth that have restorations, crowns or root canal treatment present are important to have assessed prior to tooth whitening.  A consultation with your dentist or dental hygienist will help to determine if you are a candidate for tooth whitening.  There are a variety of types and strengths of whitening products available.  Every individual’s teeth whiten differently, and the outcome is subject to variances.  Two systems used at our office for tooth whitening are;

In-office Zoom whitening is accompanied with custom take home trays and whitening gel. In office Zoom whitening is a two-hour appointment with your dental hygienist.  This procedure allows you to have your teeth professionally whitened in the office, and take-home custom trays to touch up if fading occurs.

Take home custom whitening trays with whitening gel- Impressions are taken to fabricate custom trays which fit over the teeth to contain the whitening gel. These trays are worn once daily until you are satisfied with the results.  Subsequently the trays can then be used on a touch up basis when needed.